There are some of us here in the group that have awakened to their abilities as a result of some kind of trauma, intense stress, or in a true search for the self after which, over and over, things just don’t seem to to be working out quite like they would like them to.

There’s a duality in this as, you don’t know what you don’t know. Any experience such as those mentioned above can have a positive outcome or a negative. There’s a movie we can think of from long ago in the 80’s that we believe sums this up pretty well. This movie is, “The Gods Must be Crazy.” In this movie, there’s a tribe that lives in the desert. A pilot flying a small single engine plane over the area throws a Coca-Cola bottle out the window. No one in the tribe had ever seen such a thing, as well, it fell from the heavens so they start to worship the bottle. After trying to find a suitable place to store the bottle for safety, two young men while staring at the bottle decide to to pick it up and inspect it. In this process a fight ensues over the bottle. One of the young men then takes the bottle, and slams the other one over the head with it. The chief of the tribe then decides that the bottle has to be destroyed.

Theres quite a few ways to look at the morale of the story. Not everything that falls from the heavens is a gift from God. Some people may use it and pray to it, others may use such things as a weapon for control over another. As was done in this case, it was used as both. The true purpose of the design of the bottle to begin with however, was for neither. The tribal people had no way of initially knowing either way, but because the bottle landed in their back yard, they experienced both the good and the bad that it would bring to the tribe.

This is no different when it comes to awakening. Whether you believe it or not, whatever circumstances have led to your awakening, those moments can lead one further away from oneself or closer towards oneself. The scary part for most is when they’re inspired by a higher source or should we say given glimpses to perceive things outside of common knowledge. If a person can make it through these experiences which is a test of self, they will come to some form of self realization.

If this same self realization prevails, they can then receive information on a subconscious level. At this entry level it does not require one to be religious or spiritual in the least. It simply begs the question of existence and origin. However, if a spiritual nature prevails in a person, then they will correctly perceive new information on a subconscious level, as well, they will be able to use these abilities for good intentions, whether personal or otherwise. Such things come of faith, faith gives birth to this knowledge, and this knowledge further strengthens faith in what is possible once one has seen it in action. Without faith, not only in what it is one can do, but in support of ones brothers and sisters, no miracles are possible in this world.

When we talk about being able to perceive things on a subconscious level, we are referring to different forms of psychic and healing abilities. In addition, the ability to manifest certain things in ones life such as projects that one may be working on whether scientific or at work are simply downloaded from the void so that it’s no longer a challenge but more of a quest to improve on the world while holding the hand of source.

Many have met certain masters or may know or have your own gurus or teachers. In such cases, information can be hard to disseminate to others as when they ask how one can know such things. The concepts of inter-dimensional exchange are not understood by most unless they do some kind of spiritual work to raise vibration and/or consciousness. Only in these cases are such things understood.

With the shifts in energy as of late, we WILL see more and more people start to come out with these abilities to the point that it will not be some hocus-pocus belief but it will be mainstream. It is for these reasons we have to ask that we never look down on our brothers and sisters for they don’t know what they don’t know. At any point in time, they too can have an experience that may lead them to self realization, to not only become aware of said frequencies but to have a yet much better understanding than those that speak on such subjects today. Until next time, love one another. – Azeqyl, The Pleiadian Collective – Channeled by Bobby Hodosi

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