ECETI – James Gilliland

In June of this year, I attended 2018 Contact in the Desert. Of all the workshops I attended, probably the best one in my opinion, was that from James Gilliland. James has an awesome energy in which when combined with the energy in the room has this undeniable truth. Very powerful.

James Gilliland runs ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra-Teresstrial Intelligence) from his ranch in Trout Lake, Washington. In the workshop he showed many things. Extra-terrestrial life in actual manifestation, extra-terrestrial craft, MIB (Men in Black) actually showing up on his property via helicpoter. All the famous people that have visited his ranch and those that tried to buy it and take it away.

The one thing that stuck me the most about the workshop was whenever he had some picture up on the big screen of the visitors he had come across, I took out my phone to get a quick pic and every time our eyes met there was this energy that told me, don’t do it. So I didn’t. A few slides later, I tried again thinking there was some fluke in my thought process. But nope, again our eyes met and I heard within, don’t do it. Mind blown, WTF James?

After the workshop, I met James in the hallway. Sure enough we were on the same wave length. He only said, not everyone is ready for this information. How long have you been a light-worker? After my reply, he only said people like you have come from all over the world here today. If they made it to the room, everyone of them, including you, went through great lengths to be here for one reason, because you’re ready for this information. The information will come when you’re ready for it. Not everyone is ready for this.

Those words made perfect sense in the moment. The next day of the conference for any workshop that we attended, they were selling the actual DVD for 10.00. So again, I thought, gotcha James, its gonna be on the DVD. When I arrived back home, I thought to myself, I gotta see that one again. Guess what? Nope. The juicy parts were all cut out. I will say this though. The ECETI Ranch is definitely on my bucket list.

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