The Light

If you watch the news, you might think to yourself, where’s all the light? I can only say from personal experience, it’s always there. There are some rather dark areas and alleys that exist around every corner. If you enter these alleys with a flash light, and face those fears, some of that darkness has to come to light, to be seen, so we can ask ourselves what it is we want, not only for our future, but for our kids. A lot of these things we see brought to light are not pretty, but they’re starting to get acknowledged. It has to come out. You will see this not only in religion, but politics, consumerism, currency, lifestyle and television. The dirt is coming out. Things are becoming more transparent. It’s up to us as a collective to choose how we move forward. In times of darkness, negativity has a way of creeping in. This in turn creates fear among people making them think something is necessary to compensate for that, such as more laws, tighter banking constraints or whatever, when in reality it’s only in your mind and in what you choose to give your attention to. Your outer world is a manifestation of your inner world. No matter what it is happening all around, always focus on the light, the good things. As our awareness shifts, this light has the potential to change everything around us. And it starts with you! Always in love and light, Bobby Hodosi

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