The Nomad – A Reminder

The synchronization in life is often odd. So I go to work at 4a. I get to the gas station feeling all too good. I see a man that asks me if I can buy him something to eat. He’s got on this big hikers back pack. You know, the ones with the heavy duty frame. He’s not dirty or anything, but rather well kept, and clean shaven. The energy I’m feeling off of him is oddly unique. He’s not a drunk, not an addict by any means. He is at peace with himself, searching, in the moment, happy go lucky. Which is not an energy many possess.

Just then, I immediately thought of someone I know. I told him, you’re seeking. Have you found what you’re looking for? He replied, I’m working on it. So I went inside the gas station and got him everything I could fit in my hands. A breakfast burrito, a liter of water, a Pepsi and a Rockstar. I went outside and I gave it to him along with a 20 dollar bill. The look on his face was priceless. It was this sincere thanks transmitted only through a eye contact and a knowingness that the universe helps everyone in it’s own way.

He said, you must be a believer? I replied, not exactly, I’m a jealous man, I wish I had the courage to do what you’re doing. In a previous life, I believe I was a nomad, but this life is different. In this life I’m a man of compassion and you just happened to catch me at the right time. Right now, I believe you just simply reminded me of that.

But the reality is, you know who came to mind when I seen this man? A friend of mine that recently went on her own journey of searching. A friend who often posted on FB of her journey and of the many that helped her along the trail. While I couldn’t join him, I can could definitely support that. I did see myself long ago, in another time, another place. As well, I seen my friend. So the question is, if I didn’t see my friends pictures and posts, or felt that need to join her on her quest, even if through a picture, would I have helped this man? I’d like to think so.

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