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There is a form of thought called inspiration. Inspiration doesn’t come from a person’s consciousness. The knowledge base of the main consciousness is quite limited. It won’t work if you depend solely on the main consciousness to come up with something that doesn’t yet exist. Inspiration comes from the subconsciousness. When some people who are engaged in creative work or scientific research get stuck after exhausting all of their brainpower, they put things aside, rest for a while, or take a walk outside. Inspiration then comes suddenly without them thinking. They right away start to quickly write things down, and something is created. That’s because when the main consciousness is strong, it controls the brain and nothing will come forth, despite its effort. Once the main consciousness relaxes, the subconsciousness starts to function and control the brain. The subconsciousness is able to create new things, for it belongs to another dimension and is not restrained by this one.Yet the subconsciousness can’t surpass or interfere with the way human society is;
it’s not allowed to affect society’s development directly. However, through inspiration of others and their continued efforts to solve issues and problem solve, this is allowed.

Inspiration comes from two sources. One is through the subconsciousness. The subconsciousness isn’t deluded by this world and can produce inspiration. The other source is the direction and guidance of high-level beings. When guided by high-level beings, people’s minds are expanded and able to create groundbreaking things. The entire development of society and the universe each follow their own specific laws. Nothing happens by chance.

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