Proof and Faith

When I started meditation, I didn’t know where I was going. I only knew that walking by a park one day in Alhambra, CA seeing a group in meditation, there was something familiar there. Something peaceful, something soothing, which at that time in my life was something missing and I honestly didn’t know what that was. Days turn into weeks. And weeks turn into months.

When I seen that for the first time in quiet meditation, the bright blinding light, cried the tears of bliss, and felt the love of the creator within, there was no doubt. I felt like a fool for even saying it, or ever doubting it. For me now, in this life, from what I have personally experienced, it is beyond words, beyond a book, beyond explanation. It was never outside of me.

The more I tuned into that. Letting go of the past, forgiving everyone and anyone, and just living with full acceptance of everything and everyone around me, suddenly, things started to change. And when things started to change people started asking questions. Those who don’t know from personal experience or have priorities elsewhere always want some sort of physical proof.

I know there are those of you out there that have also experienced such things. Who else was with you? Did you see a clock on the wall? Did this light leave you any proof that they were there? Let me take a wild guess. You were by yourself, time didn’t exist, it was timeless. The light appeared when you were ready for it. When you needed it most. The only proof is the remembrance and maybe a burnt light bulb or other fried electronics. Things like that can’t be ignored. At the same time, to others, it can not be given as proof. The only thing that remains is timeless faith and belief in oneself and what lies within.

Always in love and light, Bobby Hodosi

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