Slow Down

After a long, hot day at work, I went out of my way to get my wife some Asian cuisine from a favorite spot of hers. Low and behold, road construction everywhere on the west end. During this process my 4 year old daughter calls and says daddy, please bring me some Oreos. I can’t say no to that. I make a pit stop at Albertsons thinking, finally I can go home. No sooner then I pull up to the driveway, my daughter is outside crying to get out the house. I’ve been working so much I haven’t had much time with the family so I rush her to the car. We go to Walmart and I ask her if she wants anything. Her eyes light up, anything daddy? Yep. As we’re dong this, I find myself in a hurry rushing down the lanes just wishing I can get home and shower, meditate and chillax. All of a sudden, I get this notion, WTF are you doing? This moment will never come again. The look on my daughter face is priceless. She’s squeezing my hand, holding tight, she tells me she loves me. And for me, at that moment, everything is perfect. Sure I stink from a hard days work, I got sweat coming through my shirt, it’s hot and theres nothing more I want then to take a lavender bath with some lavender salts along with some ambient chill. Immediately, just that fast, everything changed just by slowing down, and being in the moment. Right now, it’s about her. No matter what the day brings, everything is alright. Always in love and light.

Bobby Hodosi

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