Crossing the Veil

I remember to this day the first vision I eve had while in meditation. After meditating day after day, week after week, initially all I seen were these tunnels of white light in a red background. These often changed depending on my mood and what I had going on at the time. While going down this ribbed transparent tunnel, I could see the stars passing leaving streaks as they pass like looking out a window going god know how fast. At the end of the tunnel I could see a faint spec of pure white light. No matter how much I traveled in the tunnel, it never seemed to get any closer. As I kept going on meditating day after day and got closer to the light at the end of the tunnel it wasn’t just a bright light. It’s actually an eye. The all seeing eye. The eye of Horus. As you travel, it’s watching. My thoughts are the eye is always watching you, your thoughts, your attitudes, your very soul. The day I went through the light, I was greeted by a golden Lion/Tiger looking thing. He was a of bright golden light. Small blinding pixels of golden light. He just paced back and forth, watching me, studying me. I didn’t feel any fear, I just thought, well, this is different. Whatever that is, it’s frickin awesome. He kept his distance about 10 feet away. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. The guardian of the veil. The Foo Dog. Under his paw he had a beautiful ball that was made up in the pattern of the flower of life. After a brief stare down this flower of life exploded into white light. A vibration went through me like I was shattered in a thousand pieces. That was a true WTF moment, and there I was on the other side of the veil. That first time crossing that veil, for me anyway was too much. I came out of meditation quite fast, literally blown back by the light. It would be weeks before I found my way there again. After that first time, I never seen the foo dog again. If you do make it there. Let go of expectation. Let go of anxiety, just be.

What I found after this experience is that the images are there in plain sight. On the dollar bill. In Ancient Chinese Architecture, (Foo Dogs), in the Eye of Horus. Many have seen these symbols, few know their meaning. Once you’re allowed past the veil, you realize this has always been here. The eye is your soul, it knows everything about you. The one thing you can’t hide from is yourself. You get bits an pieces through reading and teachings. But nothing is more evident then your own truth.

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