I never really questioned my existence until my father passed in 2005. Because of where I was at mentally, at that particular time, in my own dark night of the soul, things developed quickly for me when it came to meditation. As I started researching, seeking more information, over the years I’ve come across so much information. Meditation, itself highlighted certain abilities. After looking into these abilities, it opened a door to many mysteries.

Every so often I’m asked what is the most intriguing thing you’ve found along your path? To answer that I’d have to say that in order to truly answer this question there has to be an understanding of linear vs quantum thought. If that true understanding is not there. None of it will make any sense. It will only seem out of reach. To get my head around that concept alone, took a while.

In the first council of Nicaea in 325 Emperor Constantine and the most pronoun religious leaders at the time took it up themselves to throw out or edit as many as 45 books. They were written in Aramaic. In my opinion The Gospel of Thomas along with The Gospel of Mary Magdalene had they’d been translated correctly and included in the Bible would have changed the world as we know it. The Gospel of Thomas specifically goes into the Christ within and how to go about this. The actual texts were found in 1945 in Egypt and are currently held at the Nag Hammadi Library. Mary Magdalena of course, his consort isn’t even talked about much. The one person Jesus confided in most was Mary Magdalena. I only say this to throw it out there for those that wish to research it themselves.

This information along with more in depth information in the form of the Sumarian Tablets you can find and is available at the Cuniform Digital Library Archives. This information is in it’s unedited form. Never touched or edited. And still yet, if that isn’t enough, see the enclosed released document from the US Army. We are extraordinary individuals, each and every one of us are. Powerful people have hid this information for centuries. While we can not physically travel to far away places, the mind can. It starts within.

Yours in love and light, Bobby Hodosi


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