Positive Awareness

These last six months for me have been very trying at times. As well, they have been very rewarding in other ways. Through this process, I’ve noticed I’ve become a master of my own thoughts and reality simply because even when things aren’t really going the way I’d like them to, I always search for the positive. Believe it or not, there’s always been something to be positive about. A focal point that brings things back to perspective. The main thing is, nothing lasts forever, things are always changing, this will end some day. I can go back to doing what I like. Helping others. I’m so close I can taste it. Life is good. I believe that. That’s where my awareness is.

I seen a video yesterday in which a guy was standing at a bar, drink in hand, viewing something on his phone. A group of individuals came in guns a blazing to rob the bar. Everyone in the bar dropped to the ground, some were crying, screaming, clutching each other in the corner of the room, not this guy. He was so focused on whatever was on his phone, the robbers got away with the cash and there he still was, totally unaware the place had even been robbed. To everyone in the room, that was a very traumatic experience. But to one guy, he went to a bar after work, had a drink, and life was good. I smiled. No matter what the opinion is of his awareness, out of everyone in the room, who would you want to be at that precise moment?

I guess point being, there’s always something to look at and get upset about. It doesn’t have to be that way. Think of it as an old school radio dial. Change the station. Don’t listen to anything that disrupts your soul, listen to things that soothe your soul and create a better you.

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