The Rose

If you will, extend your hand in front of you at heart level, then raise it above your head. If you could do a full circle around your body as such, this would be the field of your aura. Now if you would, extend your hand again in front of you and imagine there’s a hand full of roses there. They can be any color you want. I also want you to think to yourself, it is your personal energy within your auric field that keeps these roses alive. When you put your awareness towards things outside of this auric field what does this do to your energy? What does it do to the roses?

This is where willpower and choice come in. If you choose to get involved in negativity and gossip happening all around, given enough time, the roses will wither away. Along with it, a piece of you. If you use your willpower to steer away from that, walk away from people and situations that do not serve you. Guard your roses. You and your roses should always be priority number ONE.

Always in love and light, Bobby Hodosi

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