Freedom Through Meditation

In many circles of meditation, we hear the words to be free. Most of the time, the definitions used to describe this are mixed with Sanskrit as there are words in other languages that have no English equivalent. The simplest way I can put it, to be free, is to be present. Free of worry, jealousy, hatred, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger. This can also be associated closely with no attachment as it is our attachments in our lives to people, places and things that cause these different emotions that set things into a chaotic state.

It is through meditation, after some time, I started to see these connections. The people around you will do whatever it is they want in the end. Trying to control that outcome is of no use but stress and worry. Why do it? Yes, we care for others, we want to help others, but it is ultimately, their choice as is free will. You will notice with meditation after some time all you have to do is picture the way you want things to be. Both in your heart and in your mind as if it already exists. What happens then? You don’t have to change things, they change on their own. Almost as if there’s some miraculous power helping things along. You will know through vibration what changes you can bring about, and those beyond your control. Occasionally the great masters talk about such things.

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