Leaving The Body

All the following quotes over the next few days come from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean (Translation and Interpretation by Doreal). From Emerald Tablet #4 (The Space Born) the translation reads:

“In freeing the consciousness from the body, it is best to expand the solar plexus (the Flower of Life of the body) and send the life force flooding through it so that the body is vitalized in preparation for the consciousness to leave, otherwise the consciousness is reluctant to leave it. Then comes the shutting off of outside sensory impressions which should be precluded by a short fast. After the silence induced by the will is complete, the consciousness should be centered in the pineal and the image thought or picture of the place you desire to go should be formed. Then an intense effort of will directed in the proper curves (see “College Lessons of the Brotherhood”), and you are released from the body.”

In this paragraph, Thoth is saying consciousness is vitalized through the solar plexus chakra. Turning off sensory impressions is simply meditation. Only to state that one must fast before doing any of this. While in meditation, one goes thorough this curved tunnel which is like a see through slinky (I personally refer to it as the curves of time and space) in which one can see the stars and distant planets, at this point your consciousness is traveling. While in this tunnel, if you focus your will on where you want to go. Your body will stay where it is, and your consciousness will travel where you will it to go. Once you come back you will have a full recollection. If you really stop to think about the implications of that one paragraph. It is beyond words.

Always in Love and Light, Bobby Hodosi

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