I thought this video very fitting over some of the conversations we’ve been having within the group. When I started meditating 13-14 years ago I had no idea what was in store. After some time, I noticed some changes, such as looking at a picture and just feel sad, maybe shed a tear. Or see a picture and maybe feel loved and vibrant. After some time I noticed the connection. But really the question for me was how can I use this? Why is this happening? After asking the question over and over it became obvious. A guide came to me in meditation and said you have to help people. In turn, we will help you. So that is what I do. I would not call it a gift as so many do. If you see a pianist play Mozart at age 10 and you didn’t know he had been playing since age 5. You might say he is gifted. You can also say his parents did not let him be a child. They sat him in front of the piano for 8 hours a day. Figuratively speaking, is that a gift or is it perfection through practice? This is not to say the other isn’t possible.

Over time, through practice my awareness has also increased. I can’t begin to go over some of the stories as some unfamiliar with such things would call BS. I have no issues with that as you don’t know what you don’t know unless you actually incorporate these things on a daily basis. It really doesn’t take much just 30 minutes a day. Enjoy the video!

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