We Are One

Recently, I just purchased a 2008 Chevy Malibu for my stepson. As we are driving it around, it hits me, there are a lot of Malibu driving around. Many different colors and trim levels. But had I not had been in the vehicle, I would not have noticed that. Point being, as many start to awaken, changes are coming. We as individuals will be put into vehicles that will give us a different outlook on life and how we perceive it. It will change our awareness. Naturally as we get into more of a cosmic consciousness, we will see old patterns die away. Many of us are already aware of this. Things such as participation awards. Some schools even have that all kids make the team. They may not play, but they’re on the team. Smoking. You can’t do it in bars anymore, only in designated areas, you can’t even rent in most places anymore if you smoke. Disciplining your kids. We wont even go there. These may seem like small invaluable changes but on a conscious level they are huge. There are many beings in the universe that await our arrival on a conscious level to love and understanding one another as one. Little by little, this is happening.

Over the next 5-10 years these arguments and more will become the heated arguments of our elected officials. That is why is so important at this time to vote. Because how we vote will direct our awareness in the coming years as separate or together. While there will be disagreements I’m 100% positive that the world will become one.

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