What is inspiration? By my own definition, I’d define it as something I’m drawn to do. A pulling inside that comes from some external source that says, “I was put here for a reason.” I was born into this world, and through life’s circumstances, at some point, through the chaos and muck, I had to ask myself, what is my purpose? I tried the monetary route, to get the things in life so many want. Through that experience, I know that if something is missing to begin with, when you get those things, it will still be missing. I’ve tested and tried, to come to that conclusion. Sure you may be happy for a few days, bragging to friends and family about the new toys and such, but the reality of it is, every morning, there’s only one person I need the approval of, and that one person is myself. No matter what I do, I can’t hide that. I can hide a lot from the outside world, I was one of those people at one time. Inside, to myself, I can’t hide much of anything, especially when faced with the man in the mirror. I’ve also come to the understanding that it’s not just myself, many have this issue. It’s something we all have to deal with. Transformation has to come from within, on an individual basis, no one can do it for you.

  Most of us look at the outside world and say if something is missing, what can I put there to make myself whole? When the question is really that of a much bigger picture as in, what can I put there that would benefit not only myself but those around me. It would have to be something that elevates people and makes them think that more is possible. Something more than what most of us experience in our every lives. Something positive. Something that keeps people eager to learn and coming back to learn more. Most of all, it has to be free. That is my “Inspiration”. To open those up that read this page into other possibilities. Welcome to Wheres Bobby.