What is consciousness? Wikipedia defines it as the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can pick up on with the five senses. It is beyond that.

I can ask all of you, what is love? And though I may get several different responses as to what love is. It’s a combination of experience and understanding. Those in good relationships will have one definition, while those in troubled relationships will have another. As well, there will be everything in-between. No answer I get will be wrong. It’s not definitive. As individuals, how do we come up with these definitions of what love is? Through experience. You do not have to see it to know that it exists.

Now comes the real question? Is love a good thing or a bad thing? Did you spend time getting to know one another, love unconditionally, do things to keep love alive? Essentially, did you nurture that relationship? If you did those things, you’re probably in a pretty good spot. If you didn’t do those things, then maybe there were and still are some rough spots.

I only say all this as an analogy to what consciousness is from another perspective. I’ve read many stories and seen many posts about individual awakening and how that process can be for some people. I know some will not like the analogy I put forth as you get back what you put in. Then again, that’s only been my experience. I can see if you’re going through life programmed by old belief systems and all of a sudden someone drops this huge 5’0’X5’0’’ book off a 10 story building knocking you to the ground and says this is the “real” book of life and along with it I’ll give you a few experiences to set the stage, then you may stop and say to yourself, this is pretty messed up. I’ve been duped!

My own awakening was gradual through meditation. I learned pretty early to keep an open mind. That way, nothing comes as a surprise. Probably the wisest advise anyone has ever given me. Through this raising of vibration by way of meditation many things have come to pass:

My psychic and intuitive senses have increased dramatically. My ability to see things from another’s perspective especially in person is inexplicable. I see it from their perspective. I sense the need, the drive, the manipulation as if it were my own. It actually brings a sense of sadness in seeing the lengths some will go through in some cases. No longer do those types of things anger me, but instead they instill a sense of compassion. My dreams no longer jump from scene to scene with no apparent theme. I go to wonderful places and see wonderful things. Cities of white tall sky scrapers with luscious greenery on top where there are no slums, no class, no division. If I wake up to go to the bathroom, all I have to do is say aloud before laying down, I want to re-enter that dream, and I do. Nightmares, I haven’t had them since I started meditation. Situations I have going on in my life either through dream or meditation can play out. When I wake up or finish meditation, what was once a question of which way to go or what path to take is decided as I seen how the other choice played out. I could go on and on about what raising consciousness has done for me. This list is not all inclusive by any means.

Of all the things this allows me to do, it allows me to help people. Consciousness doesn’t care about your religion, sexual orientation, race, or class. It doesn’t care about who you were or what you’ve done in the past. It only cares that you are open, “present” and believe in something you can’t currently sense. It doesn’t even require that you are a spiritual person. Spirituality is just a side effect as once you get to certain stages, you can not deny it’s existence. You may not know what it is or how to define it as it doesn’t have a face or a name (although many try to give it a face or a name) but you know it’s bigger than you. You just know something is there. Kinda like love. You just know it’s there. I simply call it consciousness.